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I am so incredibly happy and proud to announce that my beautiful book is now available in paperback and as an eBook on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. As of today, you can also listen to the Audiobook. Thank you, Google Books! I have to tell you, this adventure just gets better and better.

The entire process of traveling, keeping a journal, transforming the notes into an actual book, publishing, translating, promoting, and now turning it into an audiobook has been an all encompassing experience for me as a writer. It has been a wonderfully comforting process for me. I had the opportunity to expand my horizons and see where my endeavor can take me if I am really committed to it. Knowing my book is out there in all formats, ready to take readers on a unique escapade by familiarizing locals with their amazing surroundings or foreigners with far away lands, makes me believe I really did my best and can soon move on to my next project.

Having to listen to the entire book and get the content of the audiobook ready for publishing, gave me the chance to revisit all the travel my husband and I did four years ago. And every time I reread, and now listen to it, I always react the same way – like it was both unreal and strikingly real at the same time. The overwhelming feeling of having actually hiked deserts and climbed mountains is forever present, as if to remind me that people are capable of surprising themselves and that includes me. The fact that I was lucky to visit all those wonders of the natural world is also a reminder of how full of surprises life is. For at least these two reasons alone, I trust that American Vacation is a joyride worth taking by readers.

So, read or listen to American Vacation, travel and push past your limits, experience the beauty of this world, and always trust that life has endless resources to amaze you if only you have an open heart.




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