Heidi Eliason – Raluca Barbu Interview

Things usually fall into place whenever I move them around. Make your own destiny kind of approach. I learned long ago that waiting for things to happen on their own is both effortless and useless no matter how patient one may be. Especially when one is looking for results. There is something about being in motion that keeps the blood flowing. And creative juices too. Let’s say I get an idea like wanting to contact the author of Confessions of a Middle-Aged Runaway after having read her book (since it has so much in common with my own travel book) and, instead of doing nothing and letting the thought pass into oblivion, I act on it, email the author, give the book a review, and, mainly, set things in motion. Heidi, the author, considers my approach, and then elevates the initial idea (of two authors sharing their writing and travel experiences) by proposing an interview. This is how nothing turns into something. Where there was once just a thought there is now a beautiful collaboration between two writers and an interview to prove it. I am not going to brag that I always act on my ideas (some of them are not worth it) but I am going to admit that, when it comes to writing, I have tried out most of them. There were plenty of times when nothing came of my my ideas but that never made me stop thinking of new ones and trying them out. It’s a simple action-reaction type of lesson that keeps me moving whenever I carry it out. What I love the most about it is that my initial idea is not the limit – once the things are set in motion, they are out of my control and the limit moves farther and farther, allowing for better outcomes to occur. It’s like motion itself takes my idea to a new level I wasn’t even aware of. I think you got the idea. I’ll stop elaborating.

Check out the interview HERE.

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