What readers say about American Vacation


12/19, 2021 Review from Danell Waters

I have never had the opportunity to travel to these places but felt like I was transported there through the author’s words. A very lovely read that made me laugh out loud a few times. I enjoyed this book very much and would recommend it to all of my friends and family.


12/20/21 Review from Christina Roemer Goldstein

American Vacation is an epic journey wrapped in a love story! Told from a non-American perspective, this book provides unique insights and sheer delight into the American experience. Each chapter takes you on an adventure capturing the joy and awe of new discoveries. I thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful use of language and whimsical animal encounters along the way. American Vacation will leave you eager to plan your own trip across the vast, amazing, United States of America. Grab your cup of coffee, and get ready to take off into the great American West!


4/23/2022 Review from Dave Chantry

It was a Saturday and I was at work at FRGML. He came in and told me how much he is enjoying my book. 


5/25/2022 Review from Donna Blomquist 

I thoroughly enjoyed American Vacation — from destination to destination, and cover to cover. Interesting and informative in a framework of armchair travel, the book is so much more. It provides the reader, at times, an opportunity to reflect on the amazing landscapes, large and small, that are America, and about us as their caretakers. It is insightful, funny, charming — and a tribute to Nature and the tourists and park rangers who care about wild places. When I’d finished the last page and closed the cover, I couldn’t help but smile…feeling quite positive and hopeful! Perfect gift book all around.


5/25/2022 Review from Diane Rutlege

Such descriptive writing, you will feel as if you are on the adventure too.

I enjoyed American Adventure, and felt like I was on the adventure too. The writing is so descriptive that you “live” through the travels and experiences of the author. Seeing the western part of the United States through the author’s eyes was enjoyable and enlightening.


5/26/2022 Review from Lynn Sanders 

This Book belongs in your Beach Bag or Hiking Backpack for a delightful educational summer read.

This read is a Mobil Travel Guide, and a Travels With Charley: In Search of America (John Steinbeck) without the dog, in one book. If you are going on a trip in America to the West and Pacific Coast it is a must-read. If you are staying home it is also a must-read for the positive message. The Author sees America’s parks as rich in beauty – good enough to eat and kind travelers along the way gladly share the feast. This Book belongs in your Beach Bag or Hiking Backpack for a delightful educational summer read.


5/27/2022 Review from Evan Czarnik 

A surprisingly wonderful book

This book was a wonderful read! I was expecting it to be a travel book of experiences and to my delight, it was so much more. As I was reading I was seeing the beauty through her eyes and even though I have been to many of those places it was great having her perspective and outlook. I felt like I was right there with her hiking and exploring all the beauty that our great western states have to offer. Time to put on my hiking boots and go explore some more. Great book.


8/27/2022 Richard Lynas

Raluca’s book brings sunshine and lollipops to a dull day. It is definitely worth a read. It shows moments of her sheer joy and moments where her hair goes on fire. Like an aurora – when books like this are found they are amazing. A great insight into nature and beauty and all things fun.